Make your Achievement stand out! A nice block of chocolate is a sweet way to celebrate a new Eagle Scout. But rather than list the ingredients for chocolate, it cleverly shows the ingredients for a Scout.

This chocolate bar wrapper fits perfectly around a Hersheys bar. You can attach your candy wrappers by simply using a piece of clear tape or a glue dot.

Thanks for shopping with the Master Artisans at CeceliaJane and for supporting small business! Officially licensed by the Boy Scouts of America. Made in the USA.

Candy Wrappers

12 Candy Wrappers ($15.00), 24 Candy Wrappers ($24.00), 36 Candy Wrappers ($27.00), 48 Candy Wrappers ($34.00), 60 Candy Wrappers ($39.00), 72 Candy Wrappers ($43.00), 84 Candy Wrappers ($50.00), 96 Candy Wrappers (58.00)


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